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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SySDSoft Ports Complete LTE Protocol Stack to Tensilica's Atlas LTE Reference Architecture

SySDSoft's LTE Protocol Stack for UE combines highest-to-date data rates (290Mbps DL and 75Mbps UL simultaneous throughput) with a small footprint required in today's mobile platforms. SySDSoft has designed its LTE protocol stack leveraging its extensive experience in a myriad of wireless standards including WiMAX-2005 and CDMA-DO. The solution comprises Layer 2, Layer 3 and NAS following the 3GPP September Release. The Layer 2 solution comprises the MAC, RLC, and PDCP with optimized code for the time-critical ROHC, support for HW ciphering/deciphering, ARQ, and channel prioritization. The RRC (Layer 3) implementation supports the cell selection, mobility, paging, and connection establishment and release.

Tensilica's Atlas UE LTE reference architecture implements the complete 3GPP LTE Layer 1 PHY at CAT4 data rates based on its customizable and programmable Xtensa Dataplane Processors (DPUs) and ConnX DSP IP (intellectual property) cores. Tensilica is unique among IP suppliers as its Xtensa DPUs scale from very small micro cores to powerful 3-way VLIW DSPs ideal for power-efficient execution of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocol stacks such as the solution from SySDSoft.