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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fujitsu Adopts Tensilica’s Xtensa Processor as Baseband Processor for Fujitsu Mobile Phone

Fujitsu Limited of Tokyo, Japan, has licensed the Xtensa LX2 customizable processor core as the baseband processor for Fujitsu’s mobile phone.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Fujitsu, a leader in the mobile phone market,” stated Jack Guedj, Tensilica’s CEO. “With the Xtensa LX2 processor core, Fujitsu’s design teams can innovate more quickly while reducing design risks. Our Xtensa products are a good match for baseband DSP applications as they can be optimized to achieve unparalleled levels of speed/power/performance.”

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Tensilica Joins Atrenta’s SpyLinks Partner Program

Tensilica has joined Atrenta’s SpyLinks partner program and has deployed Atrenta’s SpyGlass suite to optimize synthesizability, power management, constraints management, design for test, and timing for new processor cores.

“Atrenta’s SpyGlass is well respected for its ability to find critical problems very early in the design cycle,” stated Chris Jones, Tensilica’s director of industry alliances. “Our engineers feel that the product suite provides high quality results and saves valuable design time.”

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Morpho, Inc. Offers Image Processing Software for Mobile Devices

Morpho, Inc., a leading provider of image processing software solutions for mobile devices, has joined the Tensilica Xtensions™ partner network. Morpho, Inc. offers software application expertise for developers of camera-enabled mobile phones, digital still cameras, camcorders and automobile navigation systems.

“Morpho’s PhotoSolid image stabilization and other products provide unique image and video processing capabilities to mobile devices. Combined with Tensilica’s HiFi 2-based audio processors and customizable processors, developers working with Morpho can add these imaging features in very power efficient SOC designs,” stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica’s director of mobile multimedia. “We expect that our customers around the world will leverage the expertise Morpho has to offer to differentiate their portable devices.”

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tensilica Adds AMR WB+ Audio / Speech Decoder and Encoder to HiFi 2 Audio Processor Software Library

The AMR WB+ (Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband plus) speech codec improves on the available AMR Wideband speech codec by adding support for stereo signals and higher sampling rates, providing higher quality at low bit rates. For more information, see

Tensilica’s Xtensa Processor Core Adopted by NEC

NEC Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, has licensed the Xtensa LX2 customizable processor core for NEC’s Mobile Phone SOC (system-on-chip). NEC will develop Mobile Phone SOCs using several different configurations of the Xtensa processor. See for more information

Tensilica Adds Dolby Pro Logic II and Pro Logic IIx Decoders

Dolby Pro Logic II and Pro Logic IIx decoders have been added to the audio codec library for our Xtensa HiFi 2 Audio Engine, one of the most popular commercial audio cores for system-on-chip (SOC) designs. Both Dolby Pro Logic decoders are essential sound processing technologies employed in home theater AV receivers. Dolby Pro Logic II creates a captivating 5.1-channel surround sound experience from any stereo movie, music, TV, or game audio source. Dolby Pro Logic IIx extends the sound experience up to a full 7.1-channel configuration for highly realistic, natural surround sound. See for more information

Tensilica Confirms New Intel Media Processor for Consumer Electronics Devices Uses Company's HiFi 2 Audio Processor

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Tensilica announced that the new Intel Media Processor CE 3100 (formerly codenamed “Canmore”) for Internet-connected CE devices includes Tensilica’s HiFi 2 audio processor. For more information, see

CircuitSutra Joins Tensilica Partner Program

CircuitSutra offers comprehensive SystemC services including TLM modeling of complete SOC (System on Chip) and individual IP (intellectual property) blocks at various abstraction levels, and in the creation of virtual platforms for embedded software development and architectural exploration. For more information, see

Timesys Announces Embedded Linux for Tensilica Diamond Standard 232L Processor Core

LinuxLink software subscriptions for Tensilica’s Diamond Standard 232L processor cores are now available. The LinuxLink subscription provides developers with a complete embedded Linux platform that has been integrated and tested for Tensilica’s 232L Diamond Standard processor core, including a 2.6.25 kernel, 232L specific device drivers, GNU uClibc based toolchain, and hundreds of pre-built packages. When combined with Timesys’ TimeStorm development environment and ongoing support, LinuxLink subscribers will be able to quickly customize and test an embedded Linux platform for Tensilica’s 232L that has been optimized for their application. More information is at

Tensilica Hires Jerry Ardizzone as Vice President Worldwide Sales

Jerry Ardizzone has joined the company as vice president of worldwide sales. He brings over 24 years of semiconductor and semiconductor IP (intellectual property) sales management experience. Read more at

Tensilica Appoints Semiconductor Industry Veteran Jack Guedj as New President and CEO

Expanding its executive team with the talented leadership required to take the company into its next phase of growth, Tensilica, Inc. today announced it has appointed Dr. Jack Guedj, Ph.D. as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). Guedj has extensive experience as a senior executive with a variety of fast-growing start-ups and high-profile semiconductor companies focused in high-performance communications and multimedia. He succeeds Dr. Chris Rowen, founder of Tensilica, who is now the company’s chief technology officer (CTO), driving advanced processor technology and applications in close partnership with Tensilica’s strategic customers. Rowen will continue to serve on the Tensilica board of directors.


Triductor Licenses Tensilica Diamond Standard 212GP Processor Core

Triductor Technology, of Santa Clara, CA, and Suzhou, China, has signed a second license for the Diamond Standard 212GP general-purpose processor core and has completed a second design tape out. Triductor has used the Diamond 212GP processor as the system controller for VDSL2 design for both the customer premise (CPE) and central office (CO) designs. The Diamond 212GP is an area-efficient, low-power, fully synthesizable 32-bit RISC processor core that also supports basic single-MAC DSP functions. Read more at