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Monday, August 29, 2005

90nm announcements today

Today Tensilica issued three press releases that show that our Xtensa processors are proven in 90nm technology. See the front page of our new web site,, to read the text of these announcements. You'll find that our Xtensa LX processor reached the highest clock rate of any licensable 32-bit processor on the market in 90 nm technology. We have statistics from STMicroelectronic's runs and TSMC simulations. We also have details on the EDA flow used, with tools from Cadence and Synopsys.

Why is this so important? It means that our base architecture, without any modifications, is superior to other 32-bit architectures. The Xtensa processor is ideal for applications ranging from a simple control processor to applications where performance is critical.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Web Site

Yes, we've been kind of qiet with our blog this summer. But we didn't take the summer off. We're getting ready to launch our new web site. We're adding two important new sections: Methodology and Markets. Lots of new, good content. A more sophisticated look and feel. And it's been a lot of work. We're in final testing now, and we plan to go "live" this weekend. Check it out at