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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tensilica's Gathering Huge Crowds at MWC 2013

We're getting ready to start day 3 at Mobile World Congress. I took this picture during a slow time yesterday. Our booth in Hall 6, stand D101, has three conference rooms, lots of good demos, and strong crowds.  If you're at MWC, be sure to stop by to see:
- Our new imaging demos - image stabilization and HDR capture
- Our complete LTE downlink demo
- As many audio demos as we could fit (we have so many now with strong partners like Sensory and Acoustic Technologies working in our booth)
- The display case full of the latest Smartphones and tablets that include Tensilica cores.

Tensilica and Sensory Drive Industry’s Lowest Power DSP-Based Voice Activation Solution

By utilizing Sensory’s Low Power Speech Detection technology, Tensilica was able to further reduce power to an average of under 25 µW when implemented in a 28 nm HPL process, the lowest power implementation by far in the industry. This makes this joint solution ideal for always-on voice activated smartphones, tablets, appliances and automotive applications.
See press release.

Tensilica and Huawei Expand Strategic Relationship for Next-Generation Products

“For more than four years, we have worked very closely with Tensilica on a number of projects,” stated Teresa He, vice president of HiSilicon. “We have found that Tensilica’s DPUs can help us differentiate our products and achieve competitive advantages in terms of power, performance, and area. Tensilica cores have operated as expected and their support has been superb, enabling us to significantly speed up our development time. We are very pleased to strengthen our relationship with this agreement.”
See press release.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

SimpLight Achieves First LTE Modem Silicon Success Using Tensilica’s Complete ATLAS Reference Platform

“By using Tensilica’s LTE ATLAS reference platform, we were able to dramatically reduce our time to market and product development cost,” stated Min Liang, SimpLight’s vice president of R&D. “SL3000 is a multi-mode, multi-core SoC that could support 2G, 3G, 4G and other customized broadband baseband processing. This multi-core programmable platform, combined with Tensilica’s powerful vector DSPs and SimpLight’s proprietary high-performance, multi-threaded microprocessors, is the best balance between performance and power consumption. Our LTE solution based on SL3000 is ready for the IoT test organized by China’s MTNET, the official testing lab in China for mobile wireless communication.”
See press release.

Tensilica to Showcase Complete IP Solutions for Video, Imaging, Audio, Voice, DTV Demodulation and Baseband Communications at Mobile World Congress 2013

“We are very excited to showcase at MWC all of the smartphones and tablets that are using Tensilica for audio/voice, Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE baseband processing,” stated Jack Guedj, Tensilica’s president and CEO. “And with our latest imaging/video DSP (see press release), Tensilica is well positioned to expand our lead as the largest DSP IP supplier.”
See press release.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tensilica to Demonstrate Fujitsu Smartphone that Uses Multiple Tensilica DPUs Including ConnX BBE DSP and HiFi Audio/Voice at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

“The ANT30 represents the second generation of integrated 4G LTE and 2G/3G chips that have used Tensilica’s DPUs and DSPs – the first generation has been very successful in the Japanese market,” stated Eric Dewannain, Tensilica’s vice president and general manager of the baseband business unit. “In this second generation, ANT has significantly reduced the power dissipation to increase battery life by employing specifically optimized Tensilica DPU programmable accelerators, in addition to the versatile ConnX BBE DSP. The ANT modem, designed to service the worldwide market due to its software programmability, can quickly adjust to standard evolution or new requirements.”
See press release.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sensory’s New TrulyHandsfree 3.0 Speaker Verification and Speaker Identification Optimized Port Available on Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree 3.0 technology enables personalization of the user experience by calling up a specific user’s history, preferences and settings. Sensory’s speaker verification technology uses voice biometrics and analysis to authenticate a specific individual. Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree complete set of voice activation and recognition products allow users to access a device with just their voice, bypassing the typical 4-digit number manually entered on the screen for access. See press release.

New mimoOn Library for Tensilica’s Baseband DSP IP Cores Speeds Up LTE and LTE-Advanced Chip Designs

The optimized LTE library works with mimoOn’s mi!SmallCellPHY and mi!MobilePHY reference chains, which are complete solutions for 3GPP standards, ensuring 100 percent alignment with the standards and future-proofing investments. The library includes optimized basic functions such as FFT/IFFT and LTE specific functions such as rate matching, modulators, interleaving, channel estimation, UE sync and MIMO equalization.  The library is complete in that it supports all of the core functions of the reference designs.
Tensilica and mimoOn will jointly demonstrate a low-power, high-performance LTE User Equipment and eNodeB PHY with real-time downlink and uplink traffic at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2013, February 25-28, in Tensilica’s booth in Hall 6, stand D101 and in mimoOn’s meeting room in Hall 2, stand 2D60. See press release.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Acoustic Technologies Wideband HD Voice Processing Now Available on Tensilica's HiFi Audio DSPs

Acoustic Technologies’ voice processing solution is proven with tier one smartphone vendors, and the world’s largest network operators, to deliver high quality voice performance in handset, speakerphone and headset modes.  The HD multi-mic noise cancellation includes Acoustic’s InstantAdapt feature, dynamic microphone balancing technology and FlexEQ™ equalization to deliver clear speech anywhere.  Wideband voice doubles the sampling rate of narrowband voice to deliver expanded frequency response at both lower and upper ends of the voice spectrum.  The dramatically improved voice quality improves the user experience on mobile networks that have deployed HD voice and for VoIP applications.  The improvements in sound fidelity and clear speech also improve recognition rates in noise for ASR (automatic speech recognition) applications. See press release.

NXP HD Voice Processing Smartphone SW Now Available for Tensilica's HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs

LifeVibes VoiceExperience is HD Voice compliant, and enables natural, comfortable communication over phone networks and IP-based channels such as Skype and Google Talk. It improves the intelligibility of speech, eliminates echoes and distortion, and minimizes stationary and non-stationary background noise (such as traffic or crowds), using one or more microphones.   More information is available at press release.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tensilica's New IVP Imaging/Video DSP Ideal for Mobile Handsets, DTV, Automotive and Computer Vision Applications

Tensilica today unveiled IVP - a product that is ideal for the complex image/video signal processing functions in mobile handsets, tablets, digital televisiosn (DTV), automotive, video games and computer vision based applications. The IVP DPU is a much needed breakthrough product in terms of energy efficiency and performance in current products and to enable applications never before possible in a programmable device.

See the IVP press release.
See the Dream Chip partner press release.
See the Almalence partner press release.
See the Irida Labs partner press release.
See the Morpho partner press release.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Phison Uses Tensilica for NAND Flash Memory Controllers and SSD Applications

 “Tensilica’s DPUs allow us to create highly competitive products that are optimized for our unique flash architectures without compromising the implementation or requiring us to create, verify and maintain algorithm-acceleration offload engines to supplement an inflexible fixed-function control CPU,” said Aw Yong,  President at Phison.  “Moreover, Tensilica’s DPUs have special I/Os that speed data in and out of the processing engine, bypassing the system bus, speeding overall system performance.”  See press release.

Monday, February 04, 2013

TU Dresden Innovates with Tensilica's Xtensa LX4

With assistance from Tensilica, the university team integrated an Xtensa LX4 DSP core to demonstrate the overall power reduction benefits from the combination of a 28nm low power technology, adaptive power management and an advanced processor IP core.
                "Tensilica has had a long-standing relationship with the researchers at TU Dresden and congratulates them on this successful design effort," stated Chris Rowen, Tensilca's CTO. "Tensilica's Xtensa processor is a fundamental building block in TU Dresden's wireless communications architecture, and we are working together to proliferate know-how on configurable architectures to the worldwide design community." See press release.