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Monday, April 30, 2012

See Tensilica at the ChipEx Conference in Israel May 1-2

Stop by the Tensilica booth if you're going to the ChipEx Conference in Israel. This is Tensilica's first time exhibiting at this conference, and we're very excited. Israel is a key market for us and we just hired our first field application engineer in Israel, who will be working in our booth. Stop by and say hello.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tensilica Expands Dataplane Processor R&D Center in Pune, India

Tensilica plans to increase headcount by at least 50 percent in the next year. Over the past six years, employees at Tensilica's Pune R&D center have become essential developers of Tensilica's dataplane processors (DPUs), which are used by chip designers to perform complex signal processing tasks, such as audio and baseband processing.

"The engineers in our Pune design center are an integral part of our R&D team, and they've tackled some of the most demanding projects," stated Jack Guedj, Tensilica's president and CEO. "We've asked them to take on several challenges and they've proven they have the background to do an excellent job in many engineering areas."
See press release

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tensilica Adds Support for Dynamic Resolution Adaptation Audio Standard to HiFi Audio DSP Library

We've added support for the Dynamic Resolution Adaptation (DRA) standard. Now all products that include the HiFi Audio DSPs can be used to support the standard approved by the People's Republic of China as the National Audio Standard (GB/T 22726-2008) for multi-channel audio decoding. Tensilica has delivered the HiFi DRA decoder to a number of Tier 1 system OEMs and semiconductor companies.
See press release.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tensilica Reaches Audio DSP Milestones: 300 Million HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs, Over 100 Software Packages, More Than 30 Partners

"The 300-million milestone is just the tip of the iceberg," stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica's senior director of multimedia marketing. "By 2014 we expect to ship approximately one billion HiFi cores a year. The need to support a wide range of software packages, and the large costs associated with the support and maintenance, has resulted in many companies deciding to use our standard audio/voice DSPs. Plus, we've automated the process of customizing all of our IP cores so companies can add essential features to differentiate their cores if required."
See press release.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tensilica Promotes Hiroyuki Uchimura to Managing Director of Japan Office

"I have worked with Uchimura-san for many years and am pleased with the strong contributions he has already made at Tensilica," stated Jerry Ardizzone, Tensilica's vice president of worldwide sales. "Uchimura-san knows our customers well and has extensive experience in both the semiconductor and semiconductor IP licensing markets. He will help continue to grow our business in Japan."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Renesas Licenses Tensilica’s ConnX BBE16 DSP IP Core for Digital Baseband Signal Processing

The ConnX BBE16 DSP IP  core has been licensed to Renesas Electronics Corporation for upcoming products for digital broadcasting receivers. "Renesas is a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions and has proven experience in developing products for digital broadcasting receivers. We are proud they have selected our popular ConnX BBE16 DSP core after an extensive evaluation," stated Eric Dewannain, Tensilica's vice president and general manager, Baseband Business Unit. "The ConnX BBE16 DSP is a high-performance, and very efficient, 16-MAC (multiply accumulate) DSP that is ideal for use in products such as home wireless networks, multi-standard broadcast receivers, and digital television demodulators."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Read Tensilica CTO Chris Rowen's Interview in EDN Magazine

From the interview:
Q. What is the biggest challenge facing the business of SOC design for advanced applications?

We happen to be doing it with this notion of the application-specific data processor. But the bigger problem we're addressing is: How do we take all of this hypothetical capability in deep-submicron technology-28 and 22 nm? You can build these chips with a billion transistors and turn it into something that's an efficient and unique world-changer in that segment. Then, do that [scenario] over and over again in the hundred subsegments where people build electronics. All these smartphone categories and digital-television categories and home-network categories are enabling simultaneous innovation by teams with different skills. How do we engender and encourage the sort of creativity that can create new leaders in each of these segments?
Read the full interview.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Job, Tensilica is hiring like crazy

Have you looked at our job listing lately? We are listing 17 jobs in Santa Clara, CA, Pune, India, and Texas. Almost all are engineering positions, though our Finance department is looking for a really good revenue analyst.