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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Cadence Partner offers Voice Processing for Tensilica HiFi Audio DSPs

Fortemedia's groundbreaking voice processing solution, iS600, is now available optimized for Cadence's Tensilica® HiFi DSPs. The iS600 high performance voice processing technology dramatically improves user experience in voice communication and voice recognition for smart phones. In the past, such performance was only available with a custom dedicated DSP that had enough devoted bandwidth and memory. With iS600, a superior solution can be available on a licensable DSP which is already integrated in many equipment including smartphones, tablets, Digital TV, STB, Blu-ray Disc players, Car Entertainment Systems and Lap Top/Desktop Computers. See the rest of their press release.

Monday, October 14, 2013

AMD's new True Audio features Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio DSPs

Read the interview with AMD’s Carl Wakeland. Wakeland is a Fellow Design Engineer and considered the “author” of TrueAudio. TrueAudio includes one HiFi EP and two HiFi 2 DSPs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cadence adds Dolby and DTS SW for Tensilica HiFi Audio DSPs

Cadence announced that it was the first company to offer an IP core solution supporting Dolby Digital Plus with DS1 and DTS Neural Surround.

The Dolby DS1 for Dolby Digital Plus is for applications in mobile devices such as handsets and tablets as well as any infotainment system with small speakers, like ultra-slim flat-panel TVs. Dolby DS1 for Digital Plus is optimized to provide mobile users with home theater-inspired sound quality by enabling a distortion-free audio/voice boost and also by compensating for unintelligible dialogue, extreme volume variation, and deficiencies inherent in the small speakers and low-power amplifiers on most mobile devices. See press release.

DTS Neural Surround brings a home theater-like experience to automobiles and A/V receivers, significantly enhancing the sound quality of upmixing from compressed media types like MP3. Many recent sports and music broadcasts, including Rolling Stones concerts and the 2013 Super Bowl, were broadcast in DTS Neural Surround to ensure that fans received the highest level quality audio. See press release.