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Monday, February 07, 2011

Tensilica Announces ConnX BBE64-128 – the World’s Highest Performance DSP IP Core for LTE Advanced

The ConnX BBE64-128 provides over 100 GigaMACs performance in 28nm high-performance process technology, easily outperforming all other DSP IP cores on the market. The ConnX BBE64-128 was designed to meet the performance requirements for LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Advanced, which required at least five times more processing power than LTE.

Additionally, Tensilica introduced the ConnX BBE64-UE, which is specifically optimized for the low power and small area requirements of LTE Advanced handsets. These two new products are based on the new ConnX BBE64 architecture, which Tensilica's customers can use to optimize a DSP core for their particular requirements. Tensilica's product line also includes DSPs for LTE, including the popular ConnX BBE16 LTE DSP and the new ConnX SSP16, ConnX BSP3, and ConnX Turbo16, also introduced today.