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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

mimoOn and Tensilica Demonstrate Atlas LTE Platform for Mobile SDR Baseband at MWC 2011

The demonstration showcases mimoOn's mi!MobilePHYTM software, a full-featured and certified LTE software solution for user equipment (handsets) that supports mandatory and optional features in the 3GPP Release 8 standard.  With a flexible and scalable architecture, advanced algorithms and roadmap for future 3GPP releases, mimoOn's mi!MobilePHY adds to the already outstanding features and performance of the Tensilica solution.

The Tensilica-based hardware system showcases Atlas LTE downlink functionality, showing end-to-end video content transfer and playback. The demonstration uses Tensilica's ConnX BBE16 DSP (digital signal processor) core, coupled with the newly introduced ConnX SSP16 and ConnX Turbo16 dataplane processors (DPUs) to implement a complete user equipment LTE PHY downlink system. All required functionality is implemented in the Tensilica cores and there is no need for any external hardware blocks, as in other implementations, since Tensilica DPUs are scalable and can range from small, function-specific micro DPUs/DSPs to high-performance DSPs and can be customized to deliver 10x to 100x speed/power improvements.