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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sign Up Now for May 10 IEEE Silicon Valley presentation by Tensilica CTO Chris Rowen

"small processors solve BIG PROBLEMS" is the title of Chris Rowen's presentation at next Tuesday's IEEE Silicon Valley presentation. Starting at 6:30 with food and beverages, he will be presenting at 7 pm. The meeting is at Cadence Design Systems, Building 5. It's free, but you need to register. Here's the abstract:

There’s no question that computing is percolating ever more deeply into the lives of billions on people. Smart-phones, distributed applications in the cloud, and embedded intelligence in running in parallel. Unhappily, Moore’s Law scaling of existing processor types isn’t enough to keep up with the energy-efficiency demands of all these applications. So how must processors evolve?

In this talk, we’ll look first at what’s common to the problems faced by designers of 4G wireless systems, imaging systems and high-performance computers. Then we’ll explore the startling range of processor types required – ultra-low energy 32b processor cores approaching 0.01mm^2 in area, specialized data processors at trillion RISC operations per second, software-defined radio platforms for Gbps cellular wireless and supercomputing configurations approaching the “exaFLOP” level for grand-challenge problems like climate modeling. The efficiency and processor design automation of this new category of processors opens up a compelling new technical applications and silicon system opportunities.