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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Audio DSP, Baseband DSP, or Your Own Customized Value-Add Engine – Tensilica’s IP Cores Excel in the SOC Dataplane

Tensilica is the #1 supplier of audio DSP IP cores and 4G baseband DSP IP cores for the mobile, handset, and home entertainment markets. In fact, no matter what the function is, if your SOC design demands a highly-efficient, programmable computational engine for a data-intensive task, our innovative technology can provide a solution for you.
    For the most common and broadly applicable tasks in the dataplane, Tensilica has ready made solutions like our HiFi Audio DSPs, our ConnX Communications DSPs and our Diamond Standard controllers for deeply embedded dataplane control.
    For more specialized tasks, you can rapidly build your own customized dataplane processor for tasks like image signal processing, video processing, security protocol processing, or network packet processing using our Xtensa Processor Generator.