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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cisco Announces 40-core Quantumflow Router

From EETimes:
Cisco Systems debuts Tuesday (March 4) a router that packs on a custom 40-core processor a wide variety of networking services. The Ethernet giant aims to leverage its expertise designing complex ASICs to leapfrog competition in the $5 billion market for edge routers.
The Quantum Flow Processor takes to a new level Cisco's work on ASICs for its networking systems, surpassing in some ways technology in mainstream server CPUs from Intel Corp. and Sun Microsystems.

Key to the system is the 1.3 billion transistor flow processor, an 80W chip made in a 90nm process at Texas Instruments and designed using Cisco's customer-owned tooling. Each of its 40 Tensilica cores can handle up to four threads, far beyond the raw thread-level parallelism of Sun's 65nm Niagara or Intel's 45nm Penryn server CPUs.

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