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Thursday, October 13, 2011

White Paper: How to Increase ASICs and SOC Computational Performance with Long-Word Processors

VLIW processors execute multiple independent instructions each clock cycle and provide a tremendous performance boost per clock cycle without incurring the exponential power-consumption increase caused by clock-rate increases. However, VLIW architectures have their own problems, particularly code bloat, which causes code footprints to balloon-thus increasing memory costs.

The Xtensa LX processor uses an innovative approach to VLIW design called FLIX (Flexible Length Instruction eXtensions), which gives ASIC and SOC designers more options for cost/performance tradeoffs. FLIX technology provides the flexibility to develop ASIPs (application-specific instruction-set processors) that freely and modelessly intermix smaller RISC instructions with multi-operation FLIX instructions. Read our white paper.