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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New RealVideo Codec for 388VDO

bTensilica has ported the RealVideo codec from digital entertainment services company RealNetworks, Inc. (RNWK) to the 388VDO Video Engine, increasing the versatility of this popular video chip subsystem. The RealVideo codec expands the applicability of Tensilica's 388VDO video processor to products that efficiently display Internet content on everything from mobile devices to extended standard definition DTV.

The RealVideo codec is fully compliant with RealVideo 9 and 10, so users can experience high-quality video from numerous sources in China . By using new technology that employs rigorous analysis to decompose and compress video content as well as more sophisticated image segmentation and motion analysis, it provides the same quality video at 80 percent lower bit rate than MPEG-2, 75 percent lower bit rate than HDTV, 45 percent lower bit rate than MPEG-4 (ASP), 30 percent lower bit rate than WMV 9, and 15 percent lower bit rate than H.264.

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