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Monday, December 03, 2007

Express Logic Introduces ThreadX RTOS Support for Diamond Standard 106Micro

Express Logic announced ThreadX RTOS and middleware support for Tensilica’s new Diamond Standard 106Micro 32-bit microcontroller core. ThreadX supports the entire line of Tensilica’s Xtensa configurable cores, and its Diamond Standard series of preconfigured cores. The addition of the 106Micro continues ThreadX support for the complete Tensilica processor family.

ThreadX is Express Logic’s small, fast, royalty-free RTOS for demanding real-time applications. Its royalty-free business model makes ThreadX extremely attractive for high-volume devices. ThreadX’s ease-of-use enables ThreadX-powered devices to get to market on time and within budget, which accounts for ThreadX’s success in the marketplace and its high-volume implementations. ThreadX has been widely embraced and is currently deployed in excess of 450 million electronic products. ThreadX is complemented by Express Logic’s NetX TCP/IP stack, FileX file system, USBX USB stack, and PEGX GUI development kit, all of which also are available for Tensilica’s new Diamond Standard 106Micro.

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